Saturday, October 17th. In Portland.

Unleashing Creativity Conference 2015

Co Create

To Portland Artists…

We exist in a creative culture where the predominant narrative is this:

  • My art is my way to be successful and accepted in the world.
  • I will be successful when the money comes in.
  • If I create enough good art, I’ll finally have peace.
  • If I can be talented enough, I’ll finally feel secure.
  • I’ve failed at my vocation if it doesn’t provide for my family responsibilities.
  • My affiliation with the church cuts down my artistic reputation.
  • I can’t work with the church because it limits my options artistically.

This narrative can lead to success… but it is a success based on productivity. Productivity can last only so long… and the failure of it often leads to burnout, self sabotage, and even self-destruction.

We believe there is a different narrative.

We are a cooperation of Portland church leaders and artists who want to hold a conversation about an identity and freedom that is rooted in the reality of Co-Creation. At the Unleashing Creativity Conference, we will spend the day discussing the nature of this Co-Creation and how it plays into our view of existence, vocation, identity, work, and participation in community.

While the event is free we want to ensure the right people are in the right room at the right time.

Tickets are limited and available upon request.

Looking for tickets?


Door of Hope
831 NE Freemont St, Portland, OR 97212
Saturday October 17
9am-5pm - gathering, lunch, togetherness
5pm-7PM - happy hour
Fueled by a free lunch and Left Coffee Roasters
Hosted by Imago Dei Community and Door of Hope